Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top 10 Big L Punchlines

Big L was hip hop's king of the punchline. No other emcee could make me laugh out loud with witty and hilarious one-liners like L could. Here are my Top 10 favourite Big L punchlines:

10. "I got juice like Beaucoup, mad crews I broke through
Brothers be mad 'cause I hit more chicks than they spoke to" (M.V.P.)

9. "Step to this and get shanked up
I knocked out so many teeth the tooth fairy went bankrupt" (Let 'Em Have It "L")

8. "A Tec-9 is my utensil
Fillin' niggas with so much lead
They can use they're dick for a pencil" (Da Graveyard)

7. "I jumped out the Lincoln, left him stinkin'
Put his brains in the street
Now you can see what he was just thinkin'" (Danger Zone)

6. "They wanna know why I'm so fly
A girl asked me for a ring and I put one around her whole eye" (No Endz, No Skinz)

5. "I'm known for snatchin' purses, and bombin' churches
I get more pussy by accident, than most niggas get on purpose" (Da Graveyard)

4. "Fuckin' punk, you ain't a leader, what? Nobody followed you
You was never shit, your mother should've swallowed you" ('98 Freestyle)

3. "If you battle L, you picked the wrong head
I smash mics like cornbread
You can't kill me, I was born dead" (Put It On)

2. "Big L is that nigga you expect to catch wreck on any cassette deck
I'm so ahead of my time, my parents haven't met yet" (Stretch and Bobbito Freestyle)

1. "Turn your tux red, I'm far from broke, got enough bread
And mad hoes, ask Beavis, I get nothing Butt-Head" ('98 Freestyle)

Bonus Big L Quotes:

"Breakin' in cribs with a crowbar
I wasn't poor, I was po', I couldn't afford the 'o-r'" (Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous)

"Some say I'm ruthless, some say I'm grim
Once a burglar broke into my house and I robbed him!" (Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous)

"I run with sturdy cliques, I'm never hittin' dirty chicks
Got 35 bodies buddy, don't make it 36" (Put It On)

"So don't step to this, 'cause I got a live crew
You might be kinda big but they make coffins your size too" (All Black)

"Me being a virgin, that's idiotic
'Cause if Big L got the AIDS, every cutie in the city got it" (All Black)

"Every minute my style switches up
They said a real man won't hit a girl
Well I ain't real 'cause I beat bitches up" (Danger Zone)

"The crown is still mine 'cause I drop ill rhymes
A lot of rappers talk that murder shit and couldn't kill time" (Let 'Em Have It "L")

"You see Corleone, ice spinnin', jigged out, white linen
And if a bitch don't like me, she must like women" (Size 'Em Up)

"My game is vicious and cruel
Fucking chicks is a rule
If my girl think I'm loyal then that bitch is a fool" ('98 Freestyle)

"I'mma slide to the telly and abuse your wife
If I got one rubber, I'mma use it twice" (The Triboro)

"Yo, you know the game plan
C-Town, that's my main man
We never bring luggage, we go shopping when the plane lands" (The Big Picture)

"You know nothing about L, so don't doubt L
What's this motherfucking rap game without L?
Yo, that's like jewels without ice
That's like China without rice
Or the Holy Bible without Christ
Or the Bulls without Mike
Or crackheads without pipes
The Village without dykes
Or hockey games without fights" (The Big Picture)

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