Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Underrated Emcee: Shad

Shad is one of those hip hop cats that deserves to be heard by a lot more people. He is Canada's greatest hip hop export (sorry Drake), a lyrical monster capable of profound metaphors and similes, thought-provoking social commentary, pop culture references and witty punchlines. As a result, Shad's albums (particularly 2007's The Old Prince and 2010's TSOL) are chock-full of memorable tracks that will have you reaching for that rewind button, because Shad has quotables for days.

In one of Shad's standout tracks ("Yaa I Get It") from the album TSOL, he raps "I hope I ain't boring y'all rapping 'bout rap, but the only thing I love more than rapping is napping and I know nobody wanna hear rap about that." Well for the record, I wouldn't mind hearing him rap about napping, because if anyone could pull it off, it would be Shad.

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