Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When Skits Are Done Right .....

Dispersing skits throughout an album is a largely pointless exercise. For some reason, many hip hop artists seem to fancy themselves as stand-up comedians, yet the skits they plague their albums with are rarely amusing or entertaining. There is not a single album I have ever enjoyed where the skits enhanced my listening experience ..... except one.

In 2008, Rhymefest and Mark Ronson teamed up to create a "dedication album" titled Man in the Mirror, in honour of Michael Jackson. It is not strictly an album but a mixtape, in which each track contains a Michael Jackson sample. There are several standout tracks, which makes it that much more impressive that the skits actually outshine the tracks themselves.

The skits involve Rhymefest ingeniously inserting himself, Forrest Gump-style, into conversations with Michael Jackson, using audio from old interviews. The results are genuinely hilarious, with the conversations edited and acted out to perfection. It really must be heard to be fully appreciated, so I will leave a download link for the mixtape below:

Download: Rhymefest - Man in the Mirror (Mediafire)

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